Contributions to Zoology, 86 (2) – 2017Gerrit Potkamp; Mark J.A. Vermeij; Bert W. Hoeksema: Genetic and morphological variation in corallivorous snails (Coralliophila spp.) living on different host corals at Curaçao, southern Caribbean

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Coralliophila caribaea Abbott, 1958

Fig. 18.


Fig. 18. Coralliophila caribaea. Ventral, dorsal, both lateral, posterior and anterior views of a single shell, respectively (a-f). Examples of intraspecific variation in shell size and shape (g-s). An egg capsule is visible in one shell aperture (g). Scale bar: 1 cm.

Diagnosis. Shell angular, rhomboidal in shape. High conical spire, sutures incised. Aperture oval. Teleoconch sculptured with spiral cords, densely packed with small scales. On the body whorl, higher and lower spiral cords set alternately. Six to seven axial ribs per whorl. Umbilical area moderately narrow, fasciole imbricated, umbilical furrow closed. Colouration operculum deep red to violet. Associated with alcyonacean and scleractinian host species. Also recorded from zoantharians and coralliomorpharians (Miller, 1981).