Contributions to Zoology, 79 (4) – 2010José L. Carballo; José A. Cruz-Barraza: A revision of the genus Mycale (Poecilosclerida: Mycalidae) from the Mexican Pacific Ocean

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Knowledge about the sponge fauna from the Mexican Pacific Ocean has increased substantially in recent years, but most of these modern taxonomic studies have been focused on hadromerids. The aim of this study was to contribute to the knowledge of the order Poecilosclerida. At present, seven species of Mycale have been described or recorded from the Pacific coast of Mexico, but only three of them are considered valid: M. contax, M. cecilia and M. aff. magnirhaphidifera. After a revision of the material collected during the last eight years throughout the East Pacific coast of Mexico, along with the type material, and the literature available, eight species of Mycale are considered valid, three of them; M. magnitoxa sp. nov., M. dickinsoni sp. nov., and M. ramulosa sp. nov., are proposed as new to science. In addition, M. adhaerens is reported for the first time from the Mexican Pacific Ocean. Another Mycale-species that was identified was M. psila, which constitutes its seconLamberd record for the Mexican Pacific Ocean. The systematic, distribution and detailed species descriptions are based on newly collected material and previous descriptions from the literature.