Contributions to Zoology, 77 (4) - 2008Ellard R. Hunting; Rob W.M. van Soest; Harm G. van der Geest; Anne Vos; Adolphe O. Debrot: Diversity and spatial heterogeneity of mangrove associated sponges of Curaçao and Aruba

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Tannin analysis

Tannin contents of mangrove roots were significantly (p < 0.05) higher in roots that were covered with sponges compared to roots that were not covered with sponges (Figure 4). The tannin content was considerably higher in roots collected in the Piscadera Baai compared to roots sampled in the other bays (Figure 4). No differences (p = 0.95) were found between the tannin contents of the outer root tissue, the periderm (Pd), and the remaining inner tissue (Ed) (Figure 4).


Fig. 4. Tannin contents of roots of R. mangle collected in Curaçao (PBI and SWII) and Aruba (AUAI) expressed as Albumin Complexing Capacity (ACC). Roots covered with sponges have consistently higher tannin concentrations, as compared with roots without sponge cover (n = 5 in all groups, asterisks indicate significant t-test statistics; PBI: p < 0.01; SWII: p < 0.05; AUAI: p < 0.05). There are no significant differences (p = 0.95) in tannin concentrations between the outer tissue, the periderm (Pd), and the remaining inner tissue (Ed).