Contributions to Zoology, 77 (4) - 2008Ellard R. Hunting; Rob W.M. van Soest; Harm G. van der Geest; Anne Vos; Adolphe O. Debrot: Diversity and spatial heterogeneity of mangrove associated sponges of Curaçao and Aruba
Material and methods

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Species diversity and richness

The methodology for determining sponge diversity and richness was modified after Ellison and Farnsworth (1992). Within the chosen localities, approximately 30-40 roots were haphazardly selected along a 50 meter transect. Roots were selected that submerged to a depth of at least 30 cm. Of these lengthier roots, every fifth root was selected for full characterization, i.e., length and diameter of the root, identification of sponge species, number of colonies and sponge coverage as percentage of total examined substrate. Sponge species that had not previously been encountered within a locality during the inventory were sub-sampled and stored in 70% ethanol for identification based on microscopic examination of skeleton structure and spicule morphology and following the nomenclature of Hooper and Van Soest (2002) and Rützler et al. (2007).