Contributions to Zoology, 78 (2) - 2009Ya-Fu Lee; Tokushiro Takaso; Tzen-Yuh Chiang; Yen-Min Kuo; Nozomi Nakanishi; Hsy-Yu Tzeng; Keiko Yasuda: Variation in the nocturnal foraging distribution of and resource use by endangered Ryukyu flying foxes (Pteropus dasymallus) on Iriomotejima Island, Japan

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We thank the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan, for funding our work, also M. Matsumoto, the staff of the Iriomote Project, A. Nakamoto, and the Lutao Cultural and Ecological Society (D.J. Lin) for assistance. Director-General Hidaka, M. Izawa, and H. Ota kindly provided advice. The Taiwan National Science Council supported to YFL (NSC 95-2621-B-006-005-MY2, 96- 2621-B-006-005-MY3). YFL is especially grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Matsumoto, Mr. Kenji, and Dr. M. Izawa for their hospitality. The authors TT and TC, NN and YK contributed equally to this work. Two anonymous reviewers offered invaluable comments to an early version of this manuscript.

Received: 28 January 2009

Accepted: 8 June 2009

Published online: 14 August 2009

Editor: V. Nijman