Contributions to Zoology, 72 (2/3) (2003)Barry W.M. van Bakel; John W.M. Jagt; René H.B. Fraaije: An interesting case of homonymy: Notopus de Haan, 1841 (Crustacea, Raninidae; Recent) and Notopus Leonardi, 1983 (ichnofossil; Devonian)

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Upper Cretaceous strata in the type area of the Maastrichtian Stage (SE Netherlands, NE Belgium) have yielded comparatively abundant and diverse raninid assemblages (Collins et al., 1995; Fraaye & van Bakel, 1998). To date, seven species are known: Eumorphocorystes sculptus, Pseudoraninella muelleri, Lyreidina pyriformis, Raninoides? quadrispinosus, Raniliformis chevrona, Raniliformis prebaltica and Raniliformis occlusa. These occur mainly from the upper portion of the Maastricht Formation [Emael, Nekum and Meerssen members, Belemnitella junior and Belemnella (Neobelemnella) kazimiroviensis biozones].