Contributions to Zoology, 86 (4) – 2017Kennet Lundin; Tatyana Korshunova; Klas Malmberg; Alexander Martynov: Intersection of historical museum collections and modern systematics: a relict population of the Arctic nudibranch Dendronotus velifer G.O. Sars, 1878 in a Swedish fjord
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Morphological analysis and redescription of Dendronotus velifer G.O. Sars, 1878

A syntypic specimen (Figure 1n-o) of D. velifer from the type locality in the Barents Sea (Vadsø, Norway) in the collection at the Oslo Natural History Museum (Accession number 16174) is hereby designated as lectotype, to fix and stabilize the name. This is the best preserved specimen of the original series collected by G.O. Sars on which the original description of D. velifer was based. A short redescription based on both this lectotype and additional specimens, is given below.

Dendronotus velifer G.O. Sars, 1878

Dendronotus velifer G.O. Sars, 1878: 238–239, pl. 28, Figure 2, pl. 15, Figure 4.

Dendronotus robustus sensu Bergh 1900Odhner 1907 (non Verrill 1870).

Dendronotus robustus auct. Partim = mixture of D. robustus and D. velifer.

Body broad, preserved specimens ranged from 13.5–49 mm (up to 90 mm in first description) in length (Figures 1, 2). 6–12 main branched appendages on oral veil, 4–5 appendages on rhinophoral stalks, 12–15 rhinophoral lamellae, small papilla lateral to rhinophore either present or absent, 4-5 pairs of dorsolateral appendages present (90-mm specimen has sixth rudimentary pair according to first description), 30–35 distinct lip papillae. Dorsolateral appendages with relatively short primary stalk, moderately branched ­secondary branches and elongate tertiary branches (Figure 1a, f). Length of dorsal processes of jaws approximately one-third total length of jaw (Figures 1l; 2). Masticatory border of jaw with fine denticles. Radular formula: 29–36 × 3–13.1.13–3 (up to 15 lateral teeth in first description). Central (rachidian) tooth strongly denticulated and bearing up to 26 distinct denticles (Figures 1d, i; 2c, f, k). Denticles with deep furrows. Lateral teeth short, slightly curved, smooth or sometimes bearing 1–7 rudimentary denticles (Figures 1e, j, k; 2g, l, m). Ampulla 2-looped. Prostate discoidal, consisting of alveolar glands. Distal part of vas deferens moderate in length, transiting to long, thin, copulatory organ. Bursa copulatrix large, rounded, elongated, seminal receptaculum placed distally.