Contributions to Zoology, 85 (3) – 2016Rob W. M. van Soest: Sponge-collecting from a drifting ice floe: the Porifera obtained in the Kara Sea by the Dutch Polar Expedition 1882-83

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On the basis of the present and previous published sources, the sponge fauna of the Kara Sea is found to contain 60 species: 5 of these belong to the Calcarea, 55 are Demospongiae, with as the most striking feature a proportionally high amount of ‘carnivorous’ sponges of the genus Lycopodina. So far no records exist of Hexactinellida, although the eastern deeper parts are likely to contain such sponges. The sponges of the southeastern parts of the Kara Sea are known predominantly from the ice floe collections of the Dutch and Danish expeditions of 1882-83.