Contribution to Zoology, 76 (1) – 2007

Low genetic variability in the endangered Colombian endemic freshwater turtle Podocnemis lewyana (Testudines, Podocnemididae)

Mario Vargas-Ramírez1,2, Ylenia Chiari3,4, Olga Victoria Castaño-Mora5, Steph B.J. Mens1

1.  Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, Kruislaan 318, 1098 SM, Amsterdam, The

2.  present address: Fundación Biodiversa Colombia, Cll 70A N55-27, Apto. 101, Bogotá,

3.  Zoological Museum of Amsterdam, Mauritskade 61, 1092 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4.  present address: Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, YIBS - Molecular Systematics and Conservation Genetics Lab., Yale University. 21 Sachem St., New Haven, CT, 06520-8105

5.  Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Apartado 7495, Bogotá,

Keywords: Reptilia; genetic population structure; cytochrome b; mtDNA; Podocnemis