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Contributions to Zoology, 85 (1) – 2016


Lang M, Orgogozo V. 2012. Distinct copulation positions in Drosophila pachea males with symmetric or asymmetric external genitalia. Contributions to Zoology 81: 87-94

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The length of the lobes (left and right) should be divided by 2.62 throughout the paper, i.e. in the x- and y-axis of Fig. 2a-b and in the x-axes of Figs 3c and 4b-d.

On page 91, second column, line 45, and on page 92, first column, line 7: the time interval during which the mating angles were less variable and averaged was not ‘five to ten minutes’ but ‘four to eleven minutes’. Similarly, in the legend of Fig. 4 and in Table 1, ‘5-10 min’ should be replaced by ‘4-11 min’.