Contributions to Zoology, 83 (4) – 2014Francesco Criscione; Frank Köhler: Molecular phylogenetics and comparative anatomy of Kimberleytrachia Köhler, 2011 – a genus of land snail endemic to the coastal Kimberley, Western Australia with description of new taxa (Gastropoda, Camaenidae)
Material and methods

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Morphological examinations

Morphological characters of adult shells (dimension, colouration and sculpture) were assessed from all specimens. Adults were recognized by their fully developed apertural lip (Solem, 1985: 715). Shells were measured with callipers precise to 0.1 mm. Characters measured were height (H = maximum dimension parallel to axis of coiling, including lip) and diameter (D = maximum dimension perpendicular to H, including lip). The number of whorls (W), including protoconch, was counted precise to 0.1 as shown in Köhler (2011b: fig. 2). Representatives of each mtDNA clade were dissected in order to study the genital anatomy by use of a Leica M8 stereo microscope with drawing mirror. Genital anatomy was studied in two (in small lots) to five specimens per lot in order to confirm that morphological features were consistent in specimens from the same clade. Anatomical features are reported in the taxonomic descriptions at the end of the paper; the terminology used is the same as in Köhler (2011b).