Contributions to Zoology, 72 (1) (2003)Frederick R. Schram; Cees H.J. Hof; Royal H. Mapes; Polly Snowdon: Paleozoic cumaceans (Crustacea, Malacostraca, Peracarida) from North America

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We wish to thank Dr. Thomas Deméré, San Diego Natural History Museum, for allowing us to study this material, Dirk Platvoet, Zoological Museum, University of Amsterdam, for his help with SEM of living and fossil cumaceans, and Jan van Arkel, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, for assistance with the graphic design and layout. The work of Polly Snowden was partly financed by the “The Bob Savage Memorial Fund” of the University of Bristol. Low vacuum SEM images were made by Cees H.J. Hof financed by a European Union Marie Curie Fellowship (Contract nr. ERBFMBICT 983257). Special thanks go to Dr. Chris G. Jones, Head of Electron Microscope Unit, Natural History Museum London, for providing the low vacuum SEM facilities and assistance. Dr. John Malinky helped process and sort the two metric tons of Eudora Shale from locality SDNHM 3267, and numerous students at Ohio University assisted in the collecting and processing of the more than four metric tons of the Imo shale; we thank these people for their assistance.