Contributions to Zoology, 70 (3) (2001)Emilia Rota; Patrick Martin; Christer Erséus: Soil-dwelling polychaetes: enigmatic as ever? Some hints on their phylogenetic relationships as suggested by a maximum parsimony analysis of 18S rRNA gene sequences
Material and methods

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Collection of new specimens

The newly sequenced material was collected at the following localities (abbreviations used in Table 1): (MO) Montalbuccio, 43°20‘N 11°15‘E, Siena, Italy (in 1998; coll. E. Rota); (CA) Camugnano, 44°10‘N 11°10‘E, near Bologna, Italy (in 1999; coll. C. Jacomini and E. Rota); (SA) Costa Paradiso, 41°03‘N 8°55‘E, Sardinia (in 1999; coll. E. Rota); (DU) Monkstown, 53°18‘N 6°10‘E, Dublin, Ireland (in 1999; coll. O. Schmidt); (EL) Capo S. Andrea, Elba Island, 42°48‘N 10°09‘E, Tyrrhenian Sea (in 2000; coll. E. Rota and C. Erséus). All the material was fixed and preserved in 95-99 % alcohol.