Contributions to Zoology, 67 (4) 237-256 (1998)G. A. Bishop; R. M. Feldmann; F. Vega: The Dakoticancridae (Decapoda, Brachyura) from the Late Cretaceous of North America and Mexico

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Diagnosis of the family Dakoticancridae

Carapace rectangular to transversely ovoid, relatively equant; rostrum narrow, bilobed; orbits well developed, rimmed; eyes sheltered by orbits when retracted; median part of cardiac groove weak, gastric regions hardly separated from cardiac intestinal region, branchiocardiac groove well developed, pleural sutures located on carapace sides; genital openings on coxae, female on third leg and male of the fifth; fifth legs much reduced. Sternum of female without longitudinal grooves. Chelae equal. (Rathbun 1917; 385; Glaessner 1969; Bishop, 1983c: 424).