Contributions to Zoology, 78 (2) - 2009Milena Cvijanovic; Ana Ivanovic; Natasa Tomasevic Kolarov; Georg Dzukic; Milos L. Kalezic: Early ontogeny shows the same interspecific variation as natural history parameters in the crested newt (Triturus cristatus superspecies) (Caudata, Salamandridae)

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We gratefully acknowledge the thorough reviews provided by three anonymous reviewers which greatly improved the clarity of this article. This work was supported by the Serbian Ministry of Science under the project ʻPatterns of Amphibian and Reptile Diversity on the Balkan Peninsulaʼ (grant 143052). The experiments were approved by the Ethical Committee of the Institute for Biological Research ʻSiniša Stankovićʼ (nos. 6/06 and 3/08). All animals were collected under permits provided by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia (nos. 353-01-309/2006-03; 353-01-111/2008-03), and the Institute for Nature Protection, Podgorica, Montenegro (no. 01-391/4).

Received: 17 March 2009

Accepted: 30 June 2009

Published online: 11 August 2009

Editor: J.W. Arntzen