Contributions to Zoology, 73 (4) (2004)Andrea Grill; Rob de Vos; Jan van Arkel: The shape of endemics: Notes on male and female genitalia in the genus Maniola (Schrank, 1801), (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae)

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Maniola telmessia (Figs. 3B, 4B)

Male: Genital apparatus clearly smaller than in all other Maniola. Gnathos similar to M. chia, slightly swollen at the base, vesica round. Valvae similar in shape to M. chia and M. halicarnassus; distal process pointed, similar to M. chia and M. nurag, dorsal process almost pointed. Ventral edge similar to M. chia and M. halicarnassus, clearly different from M. jurtina. Julien organ present but very fragile. In M. telmessia the Julien organ often brakes off, and in earlier literature it was considered to be lacking (see references in Thomson, 1973).

Female: Ductus bursae similar to M. nurag and M. chia; signa clearly visible, short, pointed at the posterior end, broadening at the anterior end (Fig. 5A).